Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Poland has been located in the reconstructed Mniszchów Palace in the centre of Warsaw since 1962. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium houses a diplomatic and a consular sections as well as the Office of the Brussels Capital Region.

Marta Gryglewska-Wila ul. Senatorska 34
Warsaw 00-095

Brussels Invest and Export at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium (BIE)

The Office of the Brussels Region at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium assists all Brussels-based companies in their projects in Poland (export, investment, search for a business partner, etc.).

It also assists the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region in its relations with Polish local authorities (mainly with the Voivodeship of Mazovia). Moreover, it promotes the territory of the Brussels Region as a place for investment dor dynamic Polish companies.

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Nicolas Nève de Mévergnies ul. Senatorska 34
Warsaw 00-095

Economic and Trade Representation of Wallonia at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium (AWEX)

Trade between Wallonia, the southern Region of Belgium, and Poland has been booming since the accession of Poland to the EU. To support this trade, the Polish office of Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX) informs Polish companies about business opportunities in Poland.

We promote development opportunities for foreign companies in Wallonia. AWEX has a worldwide network of Economic and Trade offices and is ISO 9001 certified.

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Laurence Martaux ul. Skorupki 5
Warsaw 00-546

International Group of Chambers of Commerce (IGCC)

The International Group of Chambers of Commerce (IGCC) was established in 2005 on the initiative of the former President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce (CCIIP) Vittorio Hemsi. The aim was to create a united platform of communication for the international business community with the Polish Government.

Each member of the IGCC is identically represented on the Board and is able to contribute to define the action plans and activities of the organization. Activities of any Chamber, which organises events and meetings with Authorities for its member companies, are better coordinated. Starting with four Chambers as founders, CCIIP-BPCC-AMCHAM-CCIFP, today IGCC brings together 13 Chambers of Commerce representing 16 Countries and 2000 companies, which employe hundreds of people contributing to 90% of foreign investments in Poland.

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International Mediation Centre (IMC)

The International Mediation Centre constitutes a platform for out-of-court dispute resolution, which is available for all entrepreneurs. Mediation offered by our Centre is a way to reconcile the conflicting interests out of court. Through mediation almost all conflicts can be solved. Professional mediation centres give 80% likelihood to the conflicted parties to reach a successful conclusion.

Mediation consumes approx. 10 times cheaper than long drawn out court trials. An average mediation proceeding lasts a maximum of a couple of weeks. The unique feature of the IMC is the opportunity to conduct a mediation proceeding in many languages both on a national and international level. Mission: facilitating entrepreneurs attending business in Poland and the introduction and promotion of the highest standards of non-judicial dispute resolution in the business. Aim: resolving business disputes through mediation, with the participation of independent, professional mediator, the mediation can take place in different languages appropriate for the business.

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